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4/5 for 50 reviews
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Who is Assur Travel ?

Established in 2004 by three experts in travel and expatriate insurance, each with significant experience at Europ Assistance, Assur Travel is a brokerage firm specializing in international mobility. Today, they provide insurance coverage for nearly 30,000 expatriates or students abroad and serve around 300,000 travelers annually. Unlike older players in the industry, their primary focus is on individuals rather than large corporations.

The foundation of their growth lies in high-quality, personalized management. Operating with a human touch, they ensure that each policyholder can directly reach out to a dedicated manager. With a team of 19 bilingual or trilingual managers, assisted by two medical professionals, they handle cases while emphasizing the quality of customer relations and attentive service.

Launch Year 2004
CFE Approved Yes
Number of Plans Compared 44
Hospital Direct Billing Worldwide
Management Centers Lille (France)
Expat Policy Insurer L'Equité-Generali, Swisslife, Gan
Evacuation Assistance Vyv IA, Mutuaide
Applicable Law French


Assur Travel expatriate insurance

In pursuit of securing and maintaining the best rates, Assur Travel negotiates its expatriate health insurance solutions with three different insurers. These contracts operate as a 1st euro option or as a secondment regime.

The insurance offerings feature three levels of coverage, each available in versions with and without optical-dental-maternity coverage. Various deductible options are provided to significantly reduce the premium. Clients particularly value the high-quality management services.

Available options include : repatriation assistance, civil liability coverage, death/disability benefits, and daily allowances (depending on the specific contracts).


Reviews by experts
on expatriate health insurance

Score awarded by experts
Coeff. Score
Underwriting process ? 10% 8.5/10
Waiting periods ? 5% 4/5
Timeliness of reimbursements ? 20% 17/20
Claims management ? 10% 9.5/10
Rate increase ? 20% 17/20
Contractual and legal security ? 20% 18/20
Exclusions ? 10% 9/10
Contract flexibility ? 5% 4/5
Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Family rates from 3 persons/individuals
  • Attentive and flexible management service
  • Discount for health and life insurance packages
  • Performant basic and general coverage
  • Separate allowance for childbirth and follow-up costs
  • Specific contract for long-term impatriates
  • Optical and dental : extensive waiting period
  • Costly comprehensive repatriation assistance
  • Medical selection without exclusion options
  • Mobile app in need of improvement
  • Online underwriting is not yet available
  • No monthly payment option

Reviews by policyholders

Score awarded by policyholders
4/5 for 50 reviews

Professional and responsive

Dominique on  09/08/2022

My membership is recent to allow me to make judgments.but as for the follow-upProfessional, responsive to the slightest questions

In addition CFE

Mathilde on  03/11/2022

I did not call my insurance for the past months but I think I have a good insurance

How to do everything to never pay anything back!

Bertrand on  06/14/2021

The insurer responds very quickly by email, processes the claims quickly, and the procedures can be done by email which is very convenient. Positive points concerning the customer service. However, I am less satisfied with the quality of the care insurance. My contract is entitled to the 1st Euro, which is a commercial lie. First of all, there is a deductible of 300 Euros before you can be reimbursed (the contract should therefore be called at the first 300 Euros, not the first Euro), and in the reimbursement of consultation costs it only reimburses 90%, making it even longer to reach the 300 Euros. When I wanted to register my pregnant wife on my insurance, the waiting period is 10 months (gestation time of a human being is 9 months, I think!), so the insurer is clearly not interesting. In short, the quality of service is very good to try to hide the fact that the insurer will anyway do everything to not reimburse anything.

Mobile application

Paco on  04/30/2021

The mobile application is old and not very functional. Impossible to use it without a reminder by e-mail. The shipments on the application are not processed. No way to see the progress of our request on the application. The indigo expat application is perfect but the assur Travel application is totally useless.


Olivier LYSKAWA on  04/06/2021

The reimbursements for standard consultations have always gone well. However, when I dislocated my shoulder in October 2020, it took several email exchanges to be reimbursed for the emergency room procedure.

Professional, attentive, good advice

Dimitri on  03/29/2021

So far everything has gone well, the insurer has guided me well when choosing the right formula. Very professional and good knowledge of the field. Answers to all questions. I recommend!


Jessica on  03/29/2021

An insurer who listens to my needs, and a search for the best prices corresponding to my expectations. Easy and fast reimbursement. No problem for several years.

Olivier on  03/27/2021

I would like to thank Mr. Raphaël REITER for his very professional services.

Nicolas Gatinot on  03/25/2021

Hassen was able to identify my needs and accompanied me perfectly in all the steps. I will not fail to recommend you or to call upon your services again.

Good insurance 2 years ago but the efficiency has decreased

Jessé on  03/24/2021

The covers given by the insurer are respected. An application exists to make the claims. This makes the process easier. However, the application could be improved in terms of speed, tracking of ongoing claims and reliability. 2 years ago claims were processed in a few days. Now it can take a few weeks and I even have to restart my applications by myself in order to make sure of the refund.

way of communicating

jean-bernard on  03/19/2021

sometimes you don't know how to reach someone more email, by whatsap...?

Insured with GAN

frank on  03/17/2021

Insured for 2 years, I am very satisfied with my insurance and my broker Jihan who is very problem to declare so far.

CFE + GAN by Assur Travel

Veronique on  03/16/2021

International Santé (Jihane IDOUAHMANE) has been listening to my needs from the beginning and has advised me very well. Franco-Swiss, I started in Morocco with Assur Travel (GAN at the 1st Euro then CFE+GAN with the Comfort formula, all managed by GAPIgestion). I am currently in Portugal with the same formula and the transfer was done without any problem. GAPIgestion is also very reactive and has always answered my questions and the reimbursements are done in less than 1 week. After 2 years I am fully satisfied with the services of CFE+GAN and the follow-up of the International Santé team (Jihane and Melanie).

Good, but can do better

Guillaume on  03/11/2021

Application a little bit useless, which could be much more ergonomic and could allow to really make a follow-up of the requests and refunds (today, is only used to take a picture and send the image by email...having to send the email directly)

A few things could make a big step for the 5*.

Estellebol on  02/25/2021

I am globally satisfied with the contract, however: -the premium surcharge is quite easy with this insurer -I have to scan all the documents and make the requests to the CFE while many other insurers have a "direct billing" system in almost all hospitals and nursing homes.

Many receipts

MIREILLE on  02/19/2021

I am insured with GAPI at the 1st euro, it is difficult to give an opinion because I have only used their service once, I was reimbursed in full but after having provided numerous supporting documents, but I had just become insured so it was perhaps part of their procedure for controlling new members.

Mixed opinion

Solenn on  02/19/2021

Combo CFE + Gapi not the most satisfactory because: ->Random reimbursement time. ->Communication with CFE is complicated (by post!) which slows down the procedures when requesting a prior agreement for example. ->No direct billing possible in Shanghai->Despite a subscription to the best option, Gapi is fussy about the coverage, necessary to discuss In short, we want to change health insurance.

Transparency and app

LaurentT on  02/18/2021

I just have questions about tracking my reimbursements. I would like to have a summary of what I have submitted and what is approved. The application for submitting care sheets is not well-designed. Sometimes you get an acknowledgement per piece, sometimes you don't...not clear enough.

Curtis on  02/18/2021

An insurance that meets the needs with a very efficient and friendly team of intermediaries.


Fabienne on  02/18/2021

Very good relationship with my insurer: speed and efficiency

Gapi Experience - Assur travel

DFr on  02/12/2021

I have been under contract for almost 2 yearsVery good reactivity for reimbursementsEfficiency to solve any problem that could arise both remotely and with the CFEI highly recommend the advice (when subscribing to the contract) and the services offeredWhat's more, the professionalism of the various correspondents should be highlighted


Christian on  02/11/2021

Fast refund as soon as the invoices are approved.

Very good service

geraud on  02/10/2021

Very good service. Fast and reliable reimbursements.

Very pleased with the service

Emmanuel on  02/06/2021

International Health's assistance in helping me choose the right policy was invaluable.


Nathalie on  02/03/2021


Quick contact and reimbursement.

Lucie on  02/03/2021

Intuitive system, easy to fill out, simple to send via the application or even by email. The insurance company is very reactive when it comes to contacts and reimbursements, I am very happy and I highly recommend it.

No worries .... so perfect for an insurance !

Marc on  01/27/2021

Not having an important file my case is easy. Nevertheless I am extremely satisfied with the follow-up and the precise answers given to each of my (few) requests.

Excellent! on 28/02/2019

Lisa on  02/28/2019

Great satisfaction on 07/11/2018

Lytamson on  11/07/2018

A useful help on 27/03/2018

Romeo on  03/27/2018

Nothing special to say.

Optimum advice on 25/04/2017

Audrey40 on  04/25/2017

Quality-price ratio one of the best on the market

Long term travel insurance on 08/11/2016

Catherine on  11/08/2016

Everything was satisfactory

Nothing to say on 27/06/2016

Ro on  06/27/2016

Contract in my budget, with the required covers, no worries to declare.

Very good service the 10/06/2016

LeslieMP on  06/10/2016

The rates are affordable and there is a wide choice of insurance.

Competent and efficient on 19/05/2016

Nathalie on  05/19/2016

Efficient management of the enrollment file. I hope the same will be true for the benefits when they are implemented.

Efficient on 03/05/2016

Ste on  05/03/2016

Excellent reactivity. Very good advice. on 05/04/2016

NS-GS on  04/05/2016

Simplified membership due to the possibility of sending the application by e-mail. The response to the application is very fast: on Monday for a file sent on Saturday. As for the management, too early to say.

Excellent advice and services on 04/04/2016

Cyril on  04/04/2016

Gapi Gestion: interesting guarantees and services. Website to be improved, not intuitive enough.

Insurance sant? expatri? - singapore (sg) by Marine B on 17/03/2016

Marine on  03/17/2016

big mistake on the price on 04/01/16 - resolved on 15/01/16

Cedric on  01/04/2016

Health insurance on 09/11/2015

Catherine on  11/09/2015

I had to call Hassen to solve a problem at the beginning of the contract because nobody at asfe wanted to discuss. I have just filed a complaint because they do not intend to reimburse the cost of ultrasound for my son because I did not ask for a prior agreement. Ultrasound of the kidneys to be made urgently following a urinary infection and I underline that my son was 7 months old and 41 of fever. So no I was not going to wait 10 days to get a prior agreement...

burundi (bi) by exbu on 29/06/2015

exbu on  06/29/2015

The online payment system does not workNo response to emailsFatiguing

A complete and detailed offer on 24/06/2015

Alban on  06/24/2015

Hassen, a conscientious advisor on 29/04/2015

Marie on  04/29/2015

Thank you for the efficiency on 29/12/2014

Amélie on  12/29/2014

Very easy to join and documents immediately available. Very competitive rates and complete brochure.

Thank you! on 17/11/2014

geoffrey B on  11/17/2014

Health insurance

JMC on  10/20/2014


A good service that allows to save money the 18/08/2014

Phifi on  08/18/2014

Good reaction following a good tropical fever as we like them here.

Verified reviews 4.9/5