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"My first international insurance project was for the employees of a boiler manufacturer operating in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Doesn't sound very glamorous, but I learned a lot. I haven't stopped since." Raphaël Reiter, founder.

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Advisors available around the clock.

With two locations in France and Polynesia (GMT-11), we’re available for questions day and night. Handy, right? Assistance services are available to policyholders 24/7, in case of a medical emergency.

Les services en ligne pour les expatriés
Customer service valued by insurance holders and insurers alike.

Since 2014, not a single insurance holder or insurer has submitted a claim regarding mistakes made or information not shared by our advisors. You’ll have access to our advisors throughout the duration of your policy, not just when you enroll.


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Expatriate insurers

The first French-speaking health insurance comparison service for expatriates was created in 2014 by health insurance specialists in France and abroad. These experts have been working in this field for over 25 years, online for nearly 20 years. They work to provide online users with simple tools that give them all the information they need and complete freedom to choose the best insurance for them.

The CEO has worked and lived in the UK, Luxembourg, Canada, New Zealand, and Polynesia. He was inspired to create this comparison tool after meeting a number of French expatriates living in Asia and Oceania.


Our team is at your service

Today, the team includes expats and frequent travelers who can share their experiences as insurers as well as former expat insurance holders. Based in France and Polynesia (no, they're not at the beach all day), they are continuously available for questions from 9 am Monday to 12 noon on Saturday (GMT).

hassennnn - conseiller assurance expatrié expert Hassen
melanie - conseillère assurance étudiants pvt Melanie
patricia - conseillère assurance expatrié senior Patricia
jihane - conseillère assurance expatrié senior Jihane
raphael - fondateur Raphael
julie - conseillère assurance expatrié senior Julie

In addition to comparing benefits and rates online, you can reach out to our advisors anytime to help you choose the right coverage for your destination, type of stay, individual needs, and budget. They’ll put their many years of experience in health insurance to work for you.

They are trained in the customs and constraints of each country, and use data provided by the reimbursement management services to adapt the expatriate and travel health insurance options to each country.


Clear and transparent

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HealthForExpats provides expats and travelers with a broad base of information to help them choose the best coverage and policy for their destination country, healthcare habits, and budget.

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Have something to add our HealthForExpats website? Send an article, comment, or tip to contact@healthforexpats.com!

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The HealthForExpats experts analyze available plans and benefits offered, translating the details into a uniform layout that helps users compare policies easily online. Our experts will lay out the primary services and limits of each option for you.

How does the comparison service work?

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Open to all insurers :

"To provide the most complete comparison, this service is open to any French or foreign insurer providing expatriate health insurance or travel insurance with the necessary authorizations, depending on the country of origin or destination.

To be included in the comparison tool, simply send a request to contact@healthforexpats.com.

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A fair presentation :

"The plans presented online take into account the information provided by the user, and are listed in ascending order of price. No insurer has a more advantageous presentation than another.

To learn more on how the comparison service works, visit our dedicated page."

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