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expats have already compared their insurance here

Every month, more than 1000 expats or future expats compare healthforexpats insurance on healthforexpats and benefit from the advice of our experts. This is not the number of visits to the site but the number of. Il ne s’agit pas du nombre de visites sur le site mais bien des people who have received a comparison and advice from our experts. All this with a record satisfaction rating of 4.9/5, difficult to do better, but we try.

subject to French law

By subscribing via healthforexpats you are protected by the French Insurance Code. It is simpler in the event of litigation and it is certainly the code which protects the insured parties best worldwide. To learn more, read our Local vs International Insurance file.

CFE approved offers

This is the ideal place to find the best offer to complement the CFE or or compare it with non-CFE offers. To learn more, read our special CFE file.

years of experience

The founders of Healthforexpats have been working with healthforexpats insurance since 1995. That doesn't make them any younger... but it is a guarantee of experience and wisdom for the policyholders.

on Trustpilot

This is the average rating of the opinions of our policyholders on this trusted site. We are delighted to be able to help expats throughout their contract. Watch the videos of our policyholders, it's even clearer.

only dissatisfied policyholders

Everyone talks about happy customers, we don't hesitate to talk to you dissatisfied people. Their opinion interests us to improve ourselves. Only 1.6% of our policyholders did not renew their insurance after 1 year because it did not didn't fit. Warning, if you follow our advice, you may be happy with your insurer.


With a team in Toulouse and another in Polynesia (UTC -10), we are available almost 24 hours a day to answer your questions before and during the contract. It's comfortable when you live 5000 km from France.

in accordance with university requests

For students we can offer guarantees that exactly cover the prerequisites of the Universities and edit a certificate according to what is requested.

special student packages

The formulas of student insurance are very numerous, we have some selected 20 of the biggest players in the market.

24 hours a day
24/7 in case of emergency

All the insurers presented on our site offer assistance services available 24 hours a day. This is essential in case of emergency hospitalization.

compliant with WHV visas

For WHV visas we can offer guarantees that exactly cover the requirements of your host country and issue a certificate according to what is requested.

expatriate health plans

Our experts have selected the best formulas from around fifteen insurers. They are priced and compared immediately, without any additional costs. If you find it cheaper elsewhere, we are ready to refund you the difference.

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