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THE French Assurance
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4.2/5 for 16 reviews
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Who is THE French Assurance

Launched in February 2019, The French Assurance is a new player in international health insurance, offering health plans crafted "à la française". The insurance contract is underwritten by L'Equité-Générali, with expert management handled by GAPI Gestion, and Vyv is entrusted with repatriation assistance.

In recognizing the evolving needs of modern expatriates, who no longer automatically opt for a turnkey contract, The French Assurance has developed an accessible and comprehensive health insurance offer. This tailored solution addresses budgetary constraints and the variable durations of expatriation.

Introducing an innovative feature known as the "Emergency Bonus," this offering becomes a hybrid product, combining elements of temporary and expatriate insurance. The benefits of both contract types are harmonized to cater to a wide range of expatriate and traveler profiles.

Launch Year 2019
CFE Approved Yes
Number of Plans Compared 24
Hospital Direct Billing Worldwide
Management Centers Lille (France)
Expat Policy Insurer L'Equité-Générali
Evacuation Assistance Vyv IA
Applicable Law French


THE French Assurance expatriate insurance

1st euro contract. Clients highly value the efficient management provided.

Subscription open up to 60 years old, and lifetime health insurance policy. The contract is denominated in euros, and reimbursements and settlements can be made in the local currency. Hospitalization direct-billing is ensured for stays exceeding 24 hours worldwide.

The coverage is simplified and customizable with two available plans in two levels of benefits, with or without optical-dental-maternity coverage, and accompanied by two options: Emergency Bonus and deductible.

Available options: Repatriation assistance and civil liability.


Reviews by experts
on expatriate health insurance

Score awarded by experts
Coeff. Score
Underwriting process ? 10% 7.5/10
Waiting periods ? 5% 4/5
Timeliness of reimbursements ? 20% 17/20
Claims management ? 10% 9.5/10
Rate increase ? 20% 17/20
Contractual and legal security ? 20% 17/20
Exclusions ? 10% 9/10
Contract flexibility ? 5% 5/5
Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Emergency bonus: tailored for minimal needs & budget
  • Flexible membership period from the 1st year
  • Annual deductible option per contract
  • Dental care coverage without waiting period
  • Competitive rates for families and young individuals
  • Flexible and attentive management team
  • Basic medical evacuation is not included
  • Family rate applicable up to 60 years max
  • Medical selection does not offer exclusions
  • Specific management with Emergency bonus
  • 12 months waiting period for maternity
  • No mensual payment option

Reviews by policyholders

Score awarded by policyholders
4.2/5 for 16 reviews

a flawless course

EC on  05/22/2022

An excellent service since the beginning. No problem and especially an exceptional reactivity which reassures enormously.

Hospitalization fees not reimbursed despite a contract that reimburses 100%!

vaulch on  04/02/2022

First use of my insurance for a small operation and already costs not reimbursed! Acceptance of 100% reimbursement on the basis of my contract and the estimate sent at 45 000 THB. Surprise: the insurance does not reimburse a part of the hospitalization costs which total was lower than the estimate (39309 THB instead of 45 000 THB). On this invoice, the insurance did not reimburse expenses called "Supplies and equipment", materials used during the operation" for a value of 182.17€. The CFE reimbursed 109.3€ but the additional 72.87€ was not reimbursed by the insurance despite my contract which stipulates 100% coverage of hospitalization costs. I am disgusted and after only 6 months, my contribution has already increased by 3.4%.

I don't use it much

Pierre on  09/14/2021

In 6 months I only used it twice, once for a consultation and a pcr test (which fortunately came out negative) and another time for the dentist. In the first case, the number of receipts requested by the insurance company seemed excessive for a reimbursement of 70 Euros (I was finally reimbursed). In the second case, the dentist is not reimbursed by the insurance company... so I only got the reimbursement from CFE (minimal). I still give 4 stars because I hope to be well covered in case of something serious...


F. on  07/18/2021

I did not have to contact the assistance directly. All you have to do is take a picture of the care sheet and send it to the CFE, the rest is automatic.

Pierre on  06/30/2021

The French Assurance is a practical insurance that covers many countries and allowed me to make a transition between several countries without difficulty. The online management platform is very practical. Beware, however, of additional premiums that are not always justified.

Pierre on  06/30/2021

My contacts with International Santé have been very positive: efficiency, speed and great customer service. The French Assurance is a practical insurance that covers many countries and allowed me to make a transition between several countries without difficulty. The online management platform is very practical. Beware however of additional premiums that are not always justified.

Not used insurance, no particular review

Jean-Yves on  04/27/2021

For the moment and after 6 months, I have not used the services of the insurance company and therefore I cannot give an opinion except for the subscription which went well and the debit and goes well.

Simple, efficient and affordable

Kiwifrog on  04/02/2021

The Liberté plan (in addition to the CFE) suits us perfectly, our requests are processed in a few days and the remote transmission with the CFE simplifies the reimbursements enormously. TheFrenchAssurance team that manages our contract has always been benevolent and attentive to our more complex requests. We recommend it to any expatriate who wants to keep the comfort of a European health cover!

Reactivity and professionalism

Nacr on  03/30/2021

The insurers are very responsive to the needs of their clients and the contracts are well put together, in short, a win-win relationship.

french insurance review

philippe on  03/25/2021

good service, good advice, and quick responses

Very good

Elodie on  03/16/2021

I am very happy with the association The French Assurance + CFE which allows me to be very well covered.

Gapi - The french insurance

Antony on  03/11/2021

Insured for 7 months but I only needed the insurance once. The internet interface is very bad, there is no way to transmit documents by internet because the insurer asks for original and signed documents. We find all the heaviness of the care sheets before the "carte vitale" in France. The care sheets and prescriptions must be sent by mail. The care sheets are heavy and take time. The website gives little information such as for example we find nothing on the assumption of responsibility Covid, how to do ... the application of the same. the transmission of document by the application does not work.Behind a modern marketing and current 'the French insurance' hides an insurer 'Gapi' in the opposite of its image, administrative, retrograde.In summary, disappointed on the transmission of documents and administrative heavy and not adapted to me, on the useless internet application but on the main to know the refunds, nothing to say, they do the job.

Serious and attentive customer service

Nacr34 on  03/10/2021

The sales department guides the prospects perfectly and responds quickly to requests.the customer service is professional and attentive to the needs of the customer.I really appreciated the proximity and fluidity of the conversations.a great discovery To recommend


TAE on  02/19/2021

The reimbursement procedure should be simpler, especially when one cannot spend too much time looking for additional documents. On the other hand, being able to be in contact with the same person facilitates interactions

Quick response

Fabrice on  02/12/2021

Quick response to questions and quick reimbursement

Nothing to report

DIARY on  02/03/2021

Everything is going well.

Verified reviews 4.9/5