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Clara on

Good insurance with some areas for improvement SPAIN

Overall, a good insurance with reactive teams and a quick processing of claims, however some points to improve (for example, in the declaration prior to the start of the contract I indicated a pre-existing pathology that April validated, and yet every 3-4 months they ask me by mistake for a justification so I had to send them back the form that I had filled out).The cost is also very high but amortized if you have expensive and regular care to perform.

Antony on

Gapi - The french insurance SPAIN

Insured for 7 months but I only needed the insurance once. The internet interface is very bad, there is no way to transmit documents by internet because the insurer asks for original and signed documents. We find all the heaviness of the care sheets before the "carte vitale" in France. The care sheets and prescriptions must be sent by mail. The care sheets are heavy and take time. The website gives little information such as for example we find nothing on the assumption of responsibility Covid, how to do ... the application of the same. the transmission of document by the application does not work.Behind a modern marketing and current 'the French insurance' hides an insurer 'Gapi' in the opposite of its image, administrative, retrograde.In summary, disappointed on the transmission of documents and administrative heavy and not adapted to me, on the useless internet application but on the main to know the refunds, nothing to say, they do the job.

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International Santé vous répond :

Hello and thank you for your message. We asked the manager to understand how your file was processed because the rule with this insurer is the same as with all other French insurers: for expenses of less than 1000 €, sending a claim by mail is not necessary. The sending of the claim can be done by the application or by email. We therefore do not understand why you had to send the documents by mail because in your case, it was a refund of about 400 €. The manager confirmed that he did not specifically ask you to send the documents by mail. There is certainly no clear information on this subject in the application or in the policyholder guide and this must be corrected. We have asked that these explanations be reviewed quickly to avoid a recurrence of the problem. Concerning the care sheets, they are not mandatory with this insurer either. In order to enter the file, the manager must simply be able to identify precisely what type of care is involved. For example, if an invoice concerns a consultation, a blood test and the delivery of medication (in some countries, medical practices perform these three types of procedures), it must be possible to see the price of each procedure. If you don't have the medical forms with you, just ask the doctor to clearly detail his billing. In most cases, this is sufficient. The care sheets help you in countries where it is difficult to obtain these details easily. In France, with the generalized use of the Carte Vitale, we are no longer used to using this type of form, but in most countries, health professionals are familiar with this principle because all international and often local insurers have the same constraints. Your advisor will contact you quickly to try to better understand what may have happened to your file and to review with you the procedures to follow. He will also send you the updated Insured's Guide.

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