Les avis sur les mutuelles santé expatrié


vaulch on

Hospitalization fees not reimbursed despite a contract that reimburses 100%! THAILAND

First use of my insurance for a small operation and already costs not reimbursed! Acceptance of 100% reimbursement on the basis of my contract and the estimate sent at 45 000 THB. Surprise: the insurance does not reimburse a part of the hospitalization costs which total was lower than the estimate (39309 THB instead of 45 000 THB). On this invoice, the insurance did not reimburse expenses called "Supplies and equipment", materials used during the operation" for a value of 182.17€. The CFE reimbursed 109.3€ but the additional 72.87€ was not reimbursed by the insurance despite my contract which stipulates 100% coverage of hospitalization costs. I am disgusted and after only 6 months, my contribution has already increased by 3.4%.


No particular problems. No photos as they are impossible to download. Sincerely.P M

nicolas on

I did not have to test the reactivity of my insurer, fortunately! Jyhane, my advisor has good advice and I trust her. Sincerely.

nicolas on

Fortunately, I did not have to test the responsiveness of my insurer, but I hope to get the best service from him if necessary. I have often called on Jihan to advise me and in this case she proposes to continue with the same coverage, but with a cheaper formula (about 70 euros) but I do not know the details! Sincerely.

Jean-Yves on

Not used insurance, no particular review THAILAND

For the moment and after 6 months, I have not used the services of the insurance company and therefore I cannot give an opinion except for the subscription which went well and the debit and goes well.

Philippe on

Satisfied with the services of Humanis International THAILAND

This mutual insurance company works very well, between online health claims and reimbursements via the CFE. The reimbursement time is about 3 weeks, without any delay. However, there was a delay of 12 working days in responding to a dental claim, whereas the contractual commitment is a maximum of 5 working days. When I followed up, the Humanis agent replied in bad faith that the 5 days did not constitute a formal commitment. So I had to wait 15 days with my broken tooth... and Humanis lost a star in my rating.

Christophe on

opinion on the service THAILAND

All my file was done by Jihan Idouhman and I am very happy. I have an excellent support from him and if I am with you it is thanks to this personalized service. it is essential for people like me who have no experience on health insurance.

Alain on

Everything is going as planned. Fast refunds and in totality of the expenses incurred

Vera on

A reliable and efficient insurance THAILAND

Excellent insurance that you can count on in case of a problem. Following an accident, I was fully taken care of at the Tran hospital, including the transfer by ambulance to and from the hospital. Thanks again!

Sev on

Very good THAILAND

The website makes it easy to request reimbursements. But before, I could only make the request on humanis which then communicated with the CFE and it was very practical. Since about 1 year, if I make an online request on humanis, the link is not made with the CFE. Not very practical. The reverse does not work either. If I make a request on the CFE website, the communication with Humanis is not done. Otherwise, especially when I was hospitalized with emergency surgery, the coverage was perfect, with third party payment via the hospital's insurance department in Thailand. Thank you.

Verified reviews 4.9/5