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3.7/5 for 58 reviews
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Who is April International ?

The April Group was established in 1988 and is currently the leading personal insurance broker in France. The international branch was founded in 2000 through the acquisition of AIPS, the top French insurance broker for expatriates.

April International Care exclusively focuses on expatriation and travel insurance, offering a multilingual service with three management centers in Paris, Mexico, and Bangkok. Clarity and comprehensibility of the contract are prioritized, along with innovation in service offerings. The client is at the core of the organization.

Launch Year 2000
CFE Approved Yes
Number of Plans Compared 42
Hospital Direct Billing Worldwide
Management Centers Paris, Mexico, Bangkok
Expat Policy Insurer Groupama GAN
Evacuation Assistance Europ Assistance
Applicable Law French


April expatriate insurance

April offers a life-long insurance policy available from the first euro. Enrollment is open up to 70 years, extending to 75 years for zones 3 to 5 (excluding Thailand and Mexico). The contract can be in EUR or USD. The coverage is fully customizable with 5 levels of benefits, a choice of 4 modules, and various deductible levels. The insurer for the contract is Groupama GAN Vie, and assistance is provided by Europ Assistance.

Numerous optional features are available, including repatriation assistance, civil liability, life insurance (death and disability), etc.


Reviews by experts
on expatriate health insurance

Score awarded by experts
Coeff. Score
Underwriting process ? 10% 7/10
Waiting periods ? 5% 4/5
Timeliness of reimbursements ? 20% 15/20
Claims management ? 10% 6/10
Rate increase ? 20% 19/20
Contractual and legal security ? 20% 18/20
Exclusions ? 10% 8/10
Contract flexibility ? 5% 5/5
Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Dedicated VIP service
  • Online application and extensive mobile app
  • Contract currency choice: EUR or USD
  • Comprehensive dental coverage
  • Direct billing card: hospital and costly expenses
  • USA direct billing via AETNA network
  • Restrictive medical selection
  • Global maternity package (including follow-up)
  • Combined civil liabillity and assistance
  • High rates for certain destinations
  • Frequent rules and process changes
  • Limited enrollment age for Thailand

Reviews by policyholders

Score awarded by policyholders
3.7/5 for 58 reviews

Very long refunds.

nicolas on  08/01/2022

A correct service, however the refunds are still delayed even after several exchanges with the insurer. The processing of refunds should be taken into account more quickly.

Jonathan on  04/10/2022

Good overall experience.

Practical but long

Laura on  04/04/2022

The reimbursements are up to my expectations and so far I haven't had any problems with reimbursements other than the delays. The insurer is supposed to reimburse within 1 month maximum and each time it reimburses in 2 months, which is a bit long when you advance large sums.

Practical but long

Laura on  04/04/2022

The reimbursements are up to my expectations and for the moment I haven't had any problem with reimbursements except for the delays. The insurer is supposed to reimburse within 1 month maximum and each time it reimburses in 2 months, it's a bit long when you advance big sums.

Gwenaelle on  04/01/2022

To date, I have not had any medical problems

Extreme slowness and lack of service

noemie on  03/30/2022

April is the height of disorganization, slowness and lack of service. Reimbursements are sometimes handled more than a month late, the Easy Claim platform is a disaster, you can't add documents in PDF, you can't see which elements are missing from a file, some reimbursements are marked as done when they are not... And to all this, customer service does not respond. April asks for tax invoices for the smallest € spent even in pharmacy while all other insurances are satisfied with the payment ticket... As for the customer service by e-mail, they do not answer. On the phone, they say they take note of my calls, but nothing happens. I have to go through my broker to get things done. This is simply unacceptable.

ALAIN on  01/28/2022

Pleasantly satisfied, thanks to Patricia and Jihan who followed up with patience and perseverance.

Refund time a little long

Fabien on  12/28/2021

I also realize that people like me who are prescribed nutritional supplements by their doctor because they prefer natural health, are not reimbursed. I am disappointed on this point, because I pay for everything out of my own pocket (acupuncture, osteo, nutritional supplements, etc.) which nevertheless work wonderfully.

Very good value for money

Natascha on  12/28/2021

I find this insurer very professional... The MSH application is more functional... The reimbursements are done very quickly ... April suits me very well.

Reviewed by F Lepinard from international health

Florian on  12/21/2021

Good insurer for co-pay and reimbursement of medical, specialist or general expenses in the US. Not much use of the mobile application so not much feedback on it.

brigitte on  10/29/2021

Very good relationship, nice and very efficient team. Personally, a lot of work on their part to solve a big problem of reimbursement. Thanks again for the help of the whole team, especially Jihan!

excellent service

Emi on  10/08/2021

From the moment we contacted Hassan until now (about 6 months of coverage) everything has been very smooth. If we have any questions, there is always someone to help us. I recommend April for all expats.

Good insurance with some areas for improvement

Clara on  09/28/2021

Overall, a good insurance with reactive teams and a quick processing of claims, however some points to improve (for example, in the declaration prior to the start of the contract I indicated a pre-existing pathology that April validated, and yet every 3-4 months they ask me by mistake for a justification so I had to send them back the form that I had filled out).The cost is also very high but amortized if you have expensive and regular care to perform.


PATRICK on  09/01/2021

No particular problems. No photos as they are impossible to download. Sincerely.P M

Very slow refunds

Jean pierre on  08/06/2021

We have had an expat contract for more than 2 years. Since June April informs us that the reimbursements of the Cfe will be done directly through their services. the only problem is that the requests for reimbursement of June 8, 2021 are two months later still without effect. they have been lost according to our interlocutor..... I hope that a solution will be found because I find it unacceptable that this type of problem occurs. I have been insured with various companies for about 40 years and this is the first time that this has happened


Polo on  07/31/2021

Thank you to Patricia for the way she advises, investigates and follows up on her files.

no problem

gérard on  06/30/2021

no problem

Very good service

Nadim Zablit on  05/31/2021

From the first contact with International Health the experience was very professional and uncomplicated. The different offers were adapted to our needs, so we were able to decide with peace of mind.

Accessible and easy to communicate with

Abdul Karim on  05/30/2021

I feel protected with my insurer who is accessible and easy to communicate with.

Accessible and easy to communicate

Abdul Karim on  05/30/2021

I feel protected with my insurer who is accessible and easy to communicate with.


PIERRE on  04/30/2021

Quality of the relational contactClarity of the informationQuality of the subscribed servicesEfficiency noted in case of necessary intervention for the insured

USD insurance

yannick29 Mauritius on  03/31/2021

Young insured with April (only 3 months). Very simple reimbursement principle (via easyclaim) and no form to fill in for the classic requests! Reimbursement received on account after 5 working days.

Never enough!

Genevieve on  03/25/2021

Living in the United States where health care is extremely expensive, it is sometimes difficult not to opt for certain care because of the lack of wider coverage.

Review of International Health by F. L.

Florian on  03/25/2021

Good advice on the choice of insurance with the pluses and minuses of the different formulas. The follow-up from the Pacific time zone and the quality of the US international health expertise was a real plus that helped me choose this company.

Simple and efficient

Alexandre on  03/24/2021

Simple, readable, insurance that matches the documentation without any bad surprises. Premium increase based on age only, we recommend!

So good that we decided not to subscribe to a local mutual insurance company

Dominique on  03/17/2021

Extremely satisfied with the relationship with International Santé, which was able to identify, propose and manage our needs in terms of expatriate insurance. The contract with April is a perfect match for us. The ease of use of the app, especially for reimbursements, but also the clarity of the relationship and the contract are excellent. Thank you Jihan and thank you Melanie for your immeasurable support! Thank you to April's team too!

April international

Stéphane on  03/14/2021

After a few weeks of implementation for the 1st reimbursement, the following ones are fast and notified by email. No particular problems after 6 months of use. Lacks a website on which to make refund requests (only an app. For the moment which makes scanning the documents a bit more complicated).

Very good service

Marina on  03/11/2021

Listening to my requests and always present to answer the slightest question. I am very satisfied

Excellent accompaniment

Emma on  02/24/2021

I was extremely satisfied with the service and support of this insurer, which really improved and facilitated my stay in the United States and the navigation of a very complicated health system. Thank you very much!

A very positive experience!

Morgane on  02/20/2021

A very positive experience! From customer service to the ease of use of the insurance, I have nothing to complain about! It's a real pleasure to be able to go to the doctor and get medicine in the US without having to make a cash advance and being covered at 100%. I can't recommend it enough!

Good coverage if you are going to live abroad

Edith on  02/19/2021

We have been insured for many years with April. The services are fast and efficient.the rate is high, but it gives the possibility to choose the doctor you want, and this is very important depending on the disease or health problem. Several choices of coverage are offered to you according to your needs. The reimbursement is very fast and the use of the application "easy claim" is easy and fast.

Opinion about April

Jen on  02/19/2021

On the most complete contracts (premium) the service is really impeccable and the help during an emergency hospitalization or the stay in maternity was exemplary. It's just that the more daily communication is sometimes a bit disorganized, especially on my daughter's contract with less coverage.

Caty on  02/19/2021

The experience with Patricia Nony and her team was more than friendly and emphatic, they tried and succeeded very well in analyzing the needs of their clients. As far as my insurance contract is concerned, luckily, I only used it for preventive examinations.

Charles on  02/18/2021

I find reimbursements very slow, going through the CFE slows down the whole process, when I didn't have the CFE, it was extremely fast.


Fam S on  02/18/2021

Very good coverage, simple customer interface, fast reimbursement times, excellent choice.

difficult to say

didier on  02/18/2021

I have nothing to say about April, to date I have not had to call on them, only reproach but it is formulated against all insurers the way they have cleared themselves by evoking a case of force majeure, since the arrival of covid 19, not to ensure a medical repatriation.

Good general service but...

Philippe on  02/11/2021

Good general service but April's sales department was not very reactive to the renegotiation of rates after 10 years of loyalty. Finally, the contract was renegotiated and readapted thanks to HealthForExpats.

Well insured but not as good as before

Caroline on  02/11/2021

Good coverage but less extensive than 12 years ago and a little more expensive but service works well

Very satisfied. A third party payer would be great!

Gaëtan on  02/11/2021

After 12 months of services, in a country where health is extremely expensive, I am very satisfied: -with the speed of reimbursement or coverage,-with the services and availability,-and with the quick answers adapted to our needs.I recommend.

No opinion to give

Pascal on  01/28/2021

I have not had to use APRIL's services since I joined so I have no opinion.

Opinion from a single experience

Sabine on  01/28/2021

Since we joined, we have only had one case to deal with and everything has gone perfectly. What I would also like to emphasize, through this platform, is the quality of service and responsiveness of our broker, Mr. Raphaël Reiter.

Very good insurance

Laura on  01/26/2021

I have been insured by April International for 2 years now and I am delighted with this insurance. I have never had any problems with reimbursements, everything is done very quickly and when I have the slightest doubt, the application or the advisors are at my disposal immediately. I recommend this insurance.


Gregory C on  01/26/2021

Our correspondent is always present, always there to help us, to advise us. We can only say compliments to him. The back office service is also present. We do not regret having chosen APRIL

An advice and a follow-up 1ere classe on 27/03/2018

Cram on  03/27/2018

They seem professional but it's a bit early to give a full review, I just changed my plan from Essential to Comfort in order to get a single room in case of hospitalization, transition successfully handled by Julie, obviously

Super follow-up of file on 02/15/2018

Frog on  02/15/2018


Thank you! on 03/08/2017

Manon on  08/03/2017


Finally a contact with professionals who know their job on 23/07/2016

frog on  07/23/2016

To be seen when we will need it....

hats off to them for the advice! on 16/03/2016

Angelinotte on  03/16/2016

I have been insured by April for a long time. I am very satisfied!

Mexico review on 06/11/2014

Florence on  11/06/2014

I haven't finished yet but I've answered the emails and explanations. I'll see when I'm back in France if my expenses are well reimbursed or not.

Verified reviews 4.9/5