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Crystal Mobility
Score awarded by policyholders
4.3/5 for 11 reviews
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Who is Crystal Mobility

Since 1992, Crystal Mobility has been a dedicated specialist in health and insurance solutions for expatriates of all nationalities and statuses : employee, entrepreneur, retired, young professional or without employment.

Crystal Mobility provides tailored and adaptable solutions to address the various challenges faced by an international clientele: financial investments, real estate, credit solutions, as well as comprehensive health and life insurance coverage. Additionally, the company provides patrimonial audits.

With offices in Paris and Montpellier, the group consists of 120 skilled professionals and collaborates with 400 partners globally.

Launch Year 1992
CFE Approved Yes
Number of Plans Compared 14
Hospital Direct Billing Worldwide
Management Centers Paris, Montpellier
Expat Policy Insurer MFPrévoyance - MGEN / MGEN Vie
Evacuation Assistance MGEN/VYV
Applicable Law French


Crystal Mobility expatriate insurance

Contract at the 1st euro. Enrollment up to 70 years, with a contract termination at a maximum of 75 years (not lifelong). The contract is available in Euros or US Dollars.

The coverage is customizable, offering three levels of benefits, two modules, and two reimbursement options. Reimbursements are managed by ExpaTPA and can be processed in local currencies.

Options include repatriation assistance, civil liability, death and disability coverage, and income protection (daily allowances).


Reviews by experts
on expatriate health insurance

Score awarded by experts
Coeff. Score
Underwriting process ? 10% 7/10
Waiting periods ? 5% 2/5
Timeliness of reimbursements ? 20% 17/20
Claims management ? 10% 9.5/10
Rate increase ? 20% 19/20
Contractual and legal security ? 20% 18/20
Exclusions ? 10% 9/10
Contract flexibility ? 5% 3/5
Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Maternity included with outpatient care
  • 2 medicine reimbursement levels: 90% - 100%
  • Home country 3 months coverage
  • Contract currency choice: EUR or USD
  • Responsive and friendly management service
  • Monthly payment option (CB included)
  • High rates for 100% coverage plans
  • High rates for specific destinations
  • Contract termination at 75 years (not lifelong)
  • Medical selection without exclusion option
  • Possible waiting periods for hospi and medicine
  • Restrictive conditions for waiving waiting periods

Reviews by policyholders

Score awarded by policyholders
4.3/5 for 11 reviews

Correct services but regular delays in processing refunds

Aline on  07/27/2022

Overall, the proposed service is interesting from a tariff point of view but after 1 year of use, I notice regular slowness in the processing of the reimbursement requests.

too early to tell

Mayliss on  10/28/2021

A correct and secure application to gather all the steps, a quick return by email in case of requests. But no real need to use the services yet nor emergency cases, so I can't totally judge on the services of the insurance. So far, it's pretty good.

Nbrun on  10/19/2021

I had a very good contact with my interlocutors, who explained and advised me with professionalism, competence and kindness so that I could subscribe to the best price contract and the most adapted to my needs.

nicolas on  06/30/2021

I did not have to test the reactivity of my insurer, fortunately! Jyhane, my advisor has good advice and I trust her. Sincerely.

excellent advice from international health and delighted with Crystal mobiiliy

Sandrine on  05/01/2021

easy to deal with, quick and smooth reimbursements, so far nothing to complain about


VALERIE on  02/19/2021

I knew exactly what I wanted in my insurance and my budget. Patricia perfectly selected 2 or 3 choices that corresponded to my expectations and I was able to choose the insurance I wanted.I would say fast and efficient.Thanks

very good

Roxane on  02/11/2021

very functional application and fast refunds

Health insurance expatriate - niger (ne) by Kadidja on 07/12/2020

Kadidja on  12/07/2020

Good management and follow-up of my membership.

Health insurance expatriate - niger (ne) by Kadidja on 07/12/2020

Kadidja on  12/07/2020

Indispensable! on 05/11/2015

Mathilde on  11/05/2015

Verified reviews 4.9/5