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4/5 for 27 reviews
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Who is Malakoff Humanis ?

Born on January 1, 2020, through the union of Groupe Humanis (established in 2012 but with a century-old legacy) and Malakoff Médéric, initiated in January 2019, Groupe Malakoff Humanis stands as a leading figure in the insurance landscape. Renowned as the number one provider in collective health and welfare, the group's DNA is woven with the principles of mutuality and joint governance.

The International branch insures the well-being of over 20,000 expatriates in 170 countries worldwide. Leveraging its expertise in health, welfare, and retirement, the group offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the diverse needs of its international clientele. Notably, Humanis is the historical partner of the CFE (Caisse des Français de l'Étranger).

With a dedicated team of 140 professionals for its International and Overseas activities, Groupe Malakoff Humanis places a strong emphasis on delivering "French-style" social protection and personalized offerings.

Launch Year 2019
CFE Approved Yes
Number of Plans Compared 5
Hospital Direct Billing Worldwide
Management Centers Paris
Expat Policy Insurer Malakoff Humanis SwissLife
Evacuation Assistance AXA Assistance
Applicable Law French


Malakoff Humanis expatriate insurance

1st Euro and liftime contract. Enrollment open up to active individuals under 60 years.

The individual contract offers four comprehensive plans (including maternity) and one hospitalization-only plan. Repatriation assistance is always included in the health plan. Civil liability is optional for the first three formula levels and automatically included for the last two.

The contract is managed by Owello and assistance services are organized by AXA Assistance.

Available options: Death and disability coverage, income protection, and supplementary retirement coverage.


Reviews by experts
on expatriate health insurance

Score awarded by experts
Coeff. Score
Underwriting process ? 10% 5.5/10
Waiting periods ? 5% 2/5
Timeliness of reimbursements ? 20% 14/20
Claims management ? 10% 4.5/10
Rate increase ? 20% 16/20
Contractual and legal security ? 20% 19/20
Exclusions ? 10% 9/10
Contract flexibility ? 5% 1/5
Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Accident coverage from 1st euro during waiting periods
  • Reduced maternity waiting period
  • Hospitalization-only plan
  • Repatriation assistance and civil liability included
  • Group contract from 1 individual
  • Extended processing times, including enrollment
  • Lack of plans limited to hospi and medicine
  • Possible waiting periods for hospi and medicine
  • Limited hospitalization time in the country of residence (senior)
  • Relatively high premiums based on age and destination
  • No monthly payment option

Reviews by policyholders

Score awarded by policyholders
4/5 for 27 reviews


Ettore on  07/13/2022

The website works correctly, but the application "Mallakoff humanis" on Iphone does not work and does not recognize my email address.

Very very slow refunds

Cyril on  06/15/2022

I have the CFE+Humanis package and while the CFE reimburses very quickly, Humanis is infinitely slow. 4 months on average to get a reimbursement. For large sums of money, it's complicated. Moreover, the interface for tracking reimbursements is not at all clear, so it's very complicated to track.

jean yves on  02/02/2022

In six months I have not had to call Humanis, so nothing to report yet.

Satisfied with the services of Humanis International

Philippe on  03/21/2021

This mutual insurance company works very well, between online health claims and reimbursements via the CFE. The reimbursement time is about 3 weeks, without any delay. However, there was a delay of 12 working days in responding to a dental claim, whereas the contractual commitment is a maximum of 5 working days. When I followed up, the Humanis agent replied in bad faith that the 5 days did not constitute a formal commitment. So I had to wait 15 days with my broken tooth... and Humanis lost a star in my rating.

opinion on the service

Christophe on  03/16/2021

All my file was done by Jihan Idouhman and I am very happy. I have an excellent support from him and if I am with you it is thanks to this personalized service. it is essential for people like me who have no experience on health insurance.

Quite satisfied

Laurence on  02/24/2021

Reimbursements are quite fast (1 to 3 weeks) and the online interface allows me to make the requests without sending documents from one continent to another, which is very convenient. It is a good complement to the CFE reimbursements which are quite low in case of high health costs as it is my case (Gabon). In case of questions, the answers are quick and clear.


Alain on  02/21/2021

Everything is going as planned. Fast refunds and in totality of the expenses incurred


Elisabeth on  02/19/2021

Pretty satisfied overall. I had an emergency surgery to approve and Humanis responded very quickly. It was perfect. For standard expenses, reimbursements can sometimes take a while. The customer service varies depending on the person answering. From correct to fair. Conversely, my communications with International Health (phone or written) have always been excellent. In particular, Patricia Nonny, who has been handling my requests since the beginning. A true model of reactivity, efficiency and friendliness. A real pleasure!!!

Maybe a bit picky in some aspects

christian on  02/19/2021

Maybe a little bit fussy in some aspects, wanting to copy the reimbursement mode on the French model, while the functioning of the health systems are somewhat different.otherwise, overall very satisfied with the reimbursements

Fast enough to get reimbursed, improvements possible.

Francoise on  02/19/2021

The reimbursements are quite fastBut the site could be improved (MSH's is better): - no possibility of requesting several reimbursements in a single transaction (very useful for physiotherapy sessions for example) - no distinction between pending requests and those already reimbursed in the list of requests (you have to open another tab), it would be enough to change the color code or add a tick box next to itAlternative or preventive medicine such as osteopathy, acupuncture are not reimbursed very much, it's a pity (MSH is more open to these medicines...)

Very good

Sev on  02/19/2021

The website makes it easy to request reimbursements. But before, I could only make the request on humanis which then communicated with the CFE and it was very practical. Since about 1 year, if I make an online request on humanis, the link is not made with the CFE. Not very practical. The reverse does not work either. If I make a request on the CFE website, the communication with Humanis is not done. Otherwise, especially when I was hospitalized with emergency surgery, the coverage was perfect, with third party payment via the hospital's insurance department in Thailand. Thank you.

PHILIPPE on  02/18/2021

Contract offering a good coverage. But relatively expensive for a family

return after one year

geoffroy on  02/11/2021

The service works quite well -- except, of course, that you still have to send a letter to the CFE office before they will reimburse your share, before sending the file back to 'Humanis'.the whole thing can easily take more than a monthI also had the unpleasant surprise of seeing my 'fee' go from €572/quarter to €633 for the second year, and this without any prior notice! that's 10% more in one go... This is usual...?

Very professional

Marie-Christine on  02/04/2021

The refunds are very well doneThe insurance meets all our criteria we are satisfied

Listening to you

Philippe on  01/28/2021

Humanis listens to its insured and offers good assistance to its customers. 2 things that could be improved:- claims for reimbursement need to be entered on a procedure by procedure basis, the possibility to enter several procedures per claim would be much faster. - It is not possible to see which claims are paid. A flag notifying paid claims would be welcome.

Very good service, friendly and professional staff

Serge on  01/28/2021

I found the insurance on the internetWarm and professional welcome was able to direct me to the right formula for my situation

Thai expat

Michel on  01/28/2021

Direct dialogue with the insurer is not very obvious, response time is quite long, but the repayment period has improved significantly.

Patrick on  01/26/2021

It is very difficult to make the link between the requests for refunds - which are given a number - and the refunds which are given another number. On the other hand, the amount from which one must send paper proofs and not scanned documents is low. When you know that with Argentina the postal delay can be up to 6 weeks when the mail does not get lost... the solution is not satisfactory at all. Finally, as I was able to see during a recent misunderstanding (not resolved) for which I am partly responsible, the responses to messages and requests for reimbursement are terse and Humanis behaves like the CFE mailbox. In short, I am not very satisfied.

Super advisor, Patricia is always ready to help us on 28/11/2020

Julie D on  11/28/2020

CFE and Humanis is a great combo, really good coverage for a good price.

Perfect! on 02/11/2020

Celia on  11/02/2020

For these first months of subscription, everything has gone well. Smooth management of membership and reimbursements.

Great professionalism Hassan and Raphael on 31/12/2018

Annie on  12/31/2018


patsau on  02/06/2018


An accompaniment on all the process on 30/06/2017

Karim on  06/30/2017


recommend on 10/11/2016

francine on  11/10/2016

Given our country of expatriation, we were able to subscribe to a fairly extensive insurance with a very reasonable rate.

Health insurance

HK on  11/21/2015

Health insurance

audrey on  12/02/2014

Very good services. Easy access with the privileged advisor.

Verified reviews 4.9/5