Frequently Asked Questions: Can I insure my spouse who is originally from the host country?

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My wife is Chinese, and we live in Shenzhen, China. Which companies would agree to insure us (our marriage is of course also registered in France)?

Your wife is not considered an expatriate since she resides in her country of nationality. Therefore, she cannot purchase expatriate health insurance for herself.

However, she can be a beneficiary under your own expatriate insurance plan. She will therefore benefit from the same coverage as you with regard to the reimbursement of health expenses.

However, the fact that she is not an expatriate in your country of residence may affect the range of coverage offered by certain expat health insurance plans:

- She will not benefit from life insurance, sick leave, or disability insurance. This will be true for all expatriate plans.

- She may also not be able to benefit from certain repatriation assistance services, for such services are designed to repatriate insured persons to their country of origin. It's up to the individual insurer. If you're interested in repatriation assistance, please let your advisor know so they can check to see what is covered by the various plans.

We recommend using our instant pricing tool to make a comparison of the various plans, and then requesting an appointment with one of our advisors to take a more detailed look at your individual expat health insurance needs.

In general, these rules also apply to unmarried couples.


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