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I'm not familiar with International Santé. How can I be sure that your plans are reliable?

International Santé is not an insurance company, but an online service that compares the primary insurance offers on the market.

Our comparison tool displays the prices and benefits of the plans that best meet your needs in accordance with the data you provided. Initially, the names of the insurers and the various plans are masked to allow us to fulfill our comprehensive advisory role, a job that cannot be performed by means of a simple online form.

Expatriate health insurance is complex, and our advisors need to take the time to get to know you and properly establish:
- your status in the host country, and the duration and context of your expatriation;
- your healthcare routine, and the countries in which you may want to choose to receive healthcare;
- any pre-existing medical conditions, and activities you may engage in that are not good for your health.

After the conversation, the advisor will send you a more targeted comparison with the details of the selected offers and links to download the documents of each insurer.

With these documents and the feedback from your advisor, you'll be in possession of all the elements you need to understand the advantages (and restrictions) of each plan.

In France, most expatriate health insurance plans are managed by expat health insurance specialists (ASFE, April, Assur Travel, Henner, etc.), who devise tailor-made policies with leading insurance companies such as Allianz, GAN, Swisslife, and AXA. As a consequence, even if the "brand" is unknown to the general public, it is recognized by professionals and provides the insured person with the necessary financial support in the event of a setback.

For more information on how these policies work, feel free to consult their respective Wikipedia page.

With International Santé, you'll be covered by a reputed insurer that has been certified by the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (APCR) as financially sustainable. Your policy will be subject to the provisions of the French Insurance Code, which provide for some of the best protection in the world to insured persons.

International Santé defends your interests in the event of disputes with your insurer, for the entire duration of your plan. Our advisors will be happy to help answer any questions regarding your plan, even after you have subscribed.


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