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I don't understand how your online quote system works as it always generates the same results, regardless of my entries. The first 3 results (at least) for both "Comfort" and "Economical" are always the same.

Our comparison tool displays expat health insurance plans in accordance with your answers to the questionnaire and the content of each particular plan:

- The type of expenses you want covered:
If you want your hospital and medical expenses covered, then we'll present you with plans that cover these expenses (at the minimum). We also present more comprehensive plans, as these plans can actually be less expensive than less comprehensive plans. This is mainly due to the complex nature of the pricing systems of insurers, which employ a variety of different variables for the residence, age, and family situation of the person(s) to be insured.

- Your desired level of coverage ("Economical," "Comfort," etc.):
We classify plans according to their maximum benefits. At the same time, it's impossible to create a classification system that works for everyone (up to X euros = "Economical," from X to Y euros = "Comfort," etc.) since each applicant has their own point of reference, nor can we be expected to develop a formula that takes into account every possible point of reference without asking dozens of additional questions (which we do not want). For one expatriate, €60 for a visit to a general practitioner will fall under "Comfort," while for another, €150 will be "Economical."

The same plan can therefore appear in different levels of coverage to ensure you discover a plan without having to modify your criteria. By displaying plans in this way, we were able to make the tool more user-friendly: it's easier to scroll through the plans horizontally than to repeatedly modify your criteria (i.e., fill out the form several times and reload the data).

The results are sorted by price (lowest to highest) since the cost of a plan is often the most important consideration, and this allows us to be completely transparent with expatriates. Users can choose up to 3 plans and compare them in detail according to their own personal criteria.

For more information on how premiums are calculated by the various expat health insurance providers and plans, please see the page on "Methods for calculating premiums."


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