Medical confidentiality

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Health information management

  • HealthForExpats staff are required to maintain absolute professional discretion.
  • They are not subject to medical confidentiality as defined by French law.

For information transmitted verbally

During discussions you may have with the advisors, they might ask you if you have a history of health problems. They need this information in order to help you find the best insurance solution, because expatriate health insurance applications include health questionnaires.

You are free to answer them as you like. If you do so by specifying a particular pathology, treatment or program of care, you waive medical confidentiality.

However, we would like to inform you that this information is not retained in your HealthForExpats client file history.


For information provided in writing

If you need to send information about your health or that of your family members during application procedure, as required by French regulations, please note that you are formally invited to send this information in a confidential envelope to the attention of the insurer's medical advisor. To do so, ask your insurance advisor to provide you with a pre-addressed envelope for the medical department of your chosen insurer.

If you do don't so, you are consenting to the information you provide being processed by the administrative departments of HealthForExpats and its insurance partners.

HealthForExpats asks that you answer all questions fully and truthfully, and will share this information with any organization other than those directly involved in the subscription you have requested.

HealthForExpats specifies that this personal information isn't stored in its databases. Files containing medical information are deleted following transmission to the insurers' medical services.

When we say information about your health, we mean:

- responses to insurers' health questionnaires
- additional information that may be provided by email or via any other medium (scans, photos, text files, etc.)
- the results of examinations, analyses, and any medical reports or certificates provided
- any elements provided independently or upon the express request of an insurer via its management services or medical advisor.

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